Half-term at Pensthorpe

As winter comes to a slow and chilly end, this time of year always welcomes the celebration of National Nest Box week.

This is a chance for keen bird enthusiasts, nature lovers and families to do their bit to welcome birds into their garden, by putting up some next boxes to encourage coupling up birds to stay safe and cosy while they tend to their chicks.

This February half term, Pensthorpe Natural Park is celebrating National Nest Box Week and Valentine’s Day, with its half-term event Hootz Head Over Heels.

The nest box trail will take visitors on a journey around the park, hunting high (and not so low) for brightly colour-coded nest boxes.

They will find out which bird does silly dances and makes honking noises to attract a mate and which covers itself in mud to blend in to the background, to keep its nest hidden from predators – wildlife is fascinating and this is a great way to engage children.

Once the trail is complete visitors can collect a little prize from our shop. And there will be a special craft-making activity going on too, with youngsters taking home whatever they create

At Pensthorpe we also have a fantastic outdoor adventure play area, WildRootz, with giant slides, zip wires and an oversized see-saw for the whole family to wobble on together.

If it’s a bit chilly, young visitors can play in our safe and cosy indoor adventure play area, Hootz House.

There’s soft play here for the under-fives and big slides for the more daring – and parents can do everything too, so you can see who’s the fastest to cross the wobbly rope bridges to get to the slides first!

By Jo Artherton