Festival time in Bury

Tomorrow sees a sizzling start to the Bury Festival with performances from among others, Nigel Kennedy and Oz Clarke.

As the event gathers momentum, expect to see more big names and an exciting array of very different shows over the coming days.

The Bury Festival runs until Sunday 29 May, and takes place in a range of venues – among them is Bury’s beautiful, award-winning Apex, as well as the famous St Edmundsbury Cathedral. And, if you can, try to visit the Athenaeum, where Charles Dickens is said to have given readings.

There is something for everyone over the next few days. There will be family events, including free street theatre in the Abbey Gardens on Saturday – this is a lovely day, which attracts people from far and wide, and really sums up the whole essence of the festival.

Some performances are really quite quirky – tomorrow, for example, writer, wine critic and broadcaster Oz Clarke teams up with critically acclaimed choir and orchestra Armonico Consort at the Athenaeum to investigate the links between wine from across the world and the music of the baroque!

And on Tuesday, film producer David Puttnam takes to the stage at the Apex with his son Sacha Puttnam with a multi-media live music event featuring special classical arrangements of music from films, including Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express and the Killing Fields….

There will be comedy, song, drama and film , as well as art exhibitions and guided walks – some of which are free, while others are at a variety of ticket prices.

Book quickly if you are interested as some performances and events are already selling out – and it would be a shame to miss out on all the fun!