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Displaying an eclectic collection of works of art, Imagine Gallery in Suffolk attracts interest from across the world to some of its major exhibitions

Imagine Gallery in Long Melford intrigues visitors with its fascinating collections and sends ripples much further afield when it announces its major exhibitions.

In May, owner John Foley is mounting a display that promises to catch the attention of art lovers far and wide through its unique combination of photography and sculpture. From Sunday 3 May to Sunday 7 June, the photographs of Asher Svidensky will be displayed alongside the sculpture of Sandra Courlivant.

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Asher’s powerful images of the eagle hunters of western Mongolia, in particular his picture of a 13 year-old releasing her golden eagle, became
a global sensation when they were first published.

“Sandra Courlivant is a French equine sculptor,” says John. “She had never ridden or sculpted a Mongolian horse before and decided to go over there for herself. While she was there she became fascinated by the relationship between children and animals – and on her return she sculpted a person on a horse for the first time.”

John proposed a joint exhibition at the Suffolk gallery and the two international artists accepted.

“Their work will sit very well together and should form an exhibition that is really quite unique.”

“Unique” is the term best employed to define John’s collections of photography, sculpture, ceramics, glassworks and other pieces of arts. By his own admission, what brings them all together is the way they capture his own imagination.

“All the pieces here are works of art that I like myself. We have a pretty eclectic mix but they are all things I would own myself.”

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John has also seen success with his own photography, some of which has been featured on book covers. His images present subjects in period dress and have a slightly ethereal quality, reminiscent of the paintings of the grand masters.

On Sunday 23 August, Imagine Gallery will open another important exhibition, this time showing pieces by Maureen Minchin, a potter who lived and worked for several years in Suffolk but now lives in Scotland. Her colourful pottery is highly recognisable for its exceptional detail and intricate wildlife imagery.

“I know this will attract great attention because her work is so desirable now,” he says. “There are people across the world that collect her pieces – I am expecting to have interest from as far away as America.”


John’s aim is to maintain the eclectic nature of his collections, seeking out new and unusual pieces from a wide variety of exceptional artists.

“I want people to question themselves as they look at the art in here and I want to keep it interesting. I like to think that the combination of what we have here
is unique – that you will never see a collection quite like this in any other gallery in the country.”

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Asher Svidensky

Sandra Courlivant Les Amis

John Foley Summer’s End

Maureen Minchin