Best of all worlds

Take a stroll down Magdalen Street to enjoy a taste of the area dubbed the city’s most multicultural road. Situated in a quarter sometimes known as Norwich-over-the-Water, beyond Tombland and over Fye Bridge, this part of the city was originally call Fybriggate. It is thought that this was where Norwich originally grew as a settlement before spreading across the water towards the Cathedral Quarter. Today, Magdalen Street retains a sense of history, with its varied architecture, but is also very much the essence of what Norwich is proud to be becoming today, a much more diverse city. Wander down Magdalen Street to browse in its antiques’ shops and second-hand stores, or spend time in the many other outlets stocked with all manner of interesting items. Visit its array of shops and mini-markets selling foods from across the world or stop for a cup of tea or a bite to eat in one of its many cafés and restaurants serving tasty dishes inspired by a spectrum of global cuisines.