A City of Stories

Norwich is the city of stories. A city which – for hundreds of years – has nurtured the written word, and has been the setting for millions of individual narratives over its own lifetime.

The mystical Julian of Norwich is known to be the first woman to have written a book in the English language, writing her Revelations of Divine Love in the 14th century.

In the 17th century, the work of Sir Thomas Browne led to the introduction of new words into the English language, including “computer,” “hallucination” and “electricity.” Renowned for his marriage of literature with science and philosophy, many agree that he is probably the greatest writer associated with Norwich. Anna Sewell gave us Black Beauty, published by Jarrold in Norwich in 1877. This story of horse welfare in Victorian England is still adored by millions all over the world today. Stories are everywhere, and Norwich was truly bound to its literary status in 2012, when it became the first UNESCO City of Literature in England. Whether fact, fiction, fantasy or fable – whether prose on paper or whispered poetry – Norwich, the city of stories retells, recaptures and reimagines. With its historic city pubs and pavement coffee houses, winding lanes, quiet alleys and bustling marketplace, you don’t have to walk far to come across a story. Look up, for example, and see murals adorning once blank walls; empty spaces are now reclaimed, in order to illustrate some of the best storylines from the city’s past. Inspired by all of this, VisitNorwich created its City of Stories blog, designed to spread the narratives of the city far and wide. Written by people who live here, weekly posts show you how to spend the day – and night – like a local. Whether you are looking for somewhere to eat, drink, stay, shop, looking for an adventure or are simply curious about the adventures of others, then this is your guide. You will also encounter special offers and competitions from time to time too.

While in Norwich look out for the City Hosts, friendly volunteers who walk around offering help to those exploring the city. Download the VisitNorwich app for more information on the city. Follow the Norwich, City of Stories blog and sign up for updates at www.cityofstories.co.uk